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there should be an avengers tv show but it should be filmed and executed like parks and rec


"Don’t take any past history you have shared for the slightest understanding of what our marriage is, or how insignificant you are in comparison.”

Damn Frank Underwood.
…No, it is impossible; it is impossible to convey the life-sensation of any given epoch of one’s existence—that which makes its truth, its meaning—its subtle and penetrating essence. It is impossible. We live, as we dream—alone….
Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness)
For a time I would feel I belonged still to a world of straightforward facts; but the feeling would not last long. Something would turn up to scare it away.
Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness)
The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it too much.
Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness)